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Playlist: Novatines share their influences

Novatines release their debut single ‘Medicine’ today, and to celebrate its release the band have curated a playlist for us based on their influences. Two picks from each member, but first up the single…


Jamie Beale (vocals, guitar)


War Pigs – Black Sabbath

I still remember the first time I heard this song. When the first MP3 player came out, my parents got hold of a little blue one with a shoulder toggle thing to shuffle the tracks… I only had 3 songs on the thing, and one of them was War Pigs. I remember sitting on an airplane and listening to this song on repeat, I’d never heard anything like it and It still gives me the same feeling today! It was also one of the first songs that the band bonded over.


Windmills of Your Mind – Noel Harrison

I think this is one of the best songs ever written, it’s up there with ‘Whiter Shade of Pale’ and ‘The Sound of Silence’ for me… The song takes the mind’s eye on a journey through fucking time and space… one of mankind’s few beautiful gifts to the world.


Callum Moloney (Drums)


When the levee breaks – Led Zeppelin

John Bonham changed the world with that intro.


Riders on the storm – The Doors

The official sound track of cool.


Ben Lythe (keys, vocals)


Desperado – The Eagles

Harmonies have always been something I have been massively interested in and The Eagles are the masters of glueing multiple voices together in order to make the vocals sound like one voice. In the song, Desperado, the harmonies gradually fade in and build as the song goes on. This subconsciously builds tension for the listener and is something we try to do in Novatines. Not many bands have the power to build tension with their voices as well as the music, this is a massive part of our sound.


Life On Mars – David Bowie

The song writing in Life On Mars is pure genius. Bowie was the king of physcedelic story telling. As a keys player, this song inspired me massively and captivated me as a child, which lead me to the piano. Bowie rarely stuck to traditional four chord songs, he always slipped something in which shouldn’t be there, but it worked. This is a great technique which is used to hold the listener.


Tom Cory (guitar, vocals)


Wish you were here – Pink Floyd

This was the first song I ever learned on guitar… I used to stand in the living room as a kid playing along to the same Pink Floyd concert from start to finish, so I guess David Gilmour’s style naturally rubbed off on me.


Pinball Wizard – The Who

Just because it’s an absolute fucking banger – what a ridiculous bunch of musicians!


Tom Turner (bass)


Cochise – Audioslave

The feeling you get what that initial riff kicks in is just eargasmic! A fucking super group made up of members rage and Chris Cornell! Incredible! – the whole track is as dynamic as it is formidable, just makes wanna fucking lose your mind to it. Losing Cornell this year has put a big hole in our musical hearts – he will be sorely missed…


Everlong – Foo Fighters

It’s really fucking hard to choose one track from this band let alone this album! They are just killer at everything! But this song in-particular is really special, it’s the first song that the Foo’s did that made you realise how good they/Grohl really are/is – I mean what a song! From stat to finish I rinsed that song for hours & hours! Not only was he the drummer in one of the best and most important bands of all time (Nirvana) but he can write a song like everlong and a lyric like ‘Breath out, so I can breath you in’ – perfection!











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