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Album Review: Outsider by Comeback Kid

Hardcore act Comeback Kid release their sixth album Outsider on 8th September via Nuclear Blast Records. As has become the trend with Comeback Kid releases, Outsider sees the band pushing themselves forward, creating new and interesting hardcore dynamics, yet somehow, they’ve managed to distil the urgency of their early releases in what shines bright as one of 2017s finest hardcore records.

It’s an album that burst out of the traps with the title track and from there on in is unrelenting in its power and commanding presence. What makes this special is that you just know it’s going to be sound brilliant live. It’s as if you’re experiencing the album live and direct – the energy is immediate, in your face constantly. Frontman Andrew Neufeld says, “It’s always been about refining what we do and incorporating new things, this time around, we were really focused on songs that we knew would connect from the stage.” And my word it works wonderfully.

With the 13 tracks clocking in at around 36 minutes it’s the perfect length for a hardcore album. Each track delivers a sharp and visceral hardcore hit, there’s no messing about here, Comeback Kid make their point with each track and it’s onto the next one. There’s no airs and graces, no solos, no grandeur.

While the album starts out with the excellent ‘Outsider’, ‘Surrender Control’ and ‘Absolute’ (which features Devin Townsend), it’s the trio of ‘Hell Of A Scene’, ‘Somewhere, Somehow’ and ‘Consumed The Vision’ which sets Outsider as something special. The first of the three is a short and brutal burst of blast beat heavy hardcore before ‘Somewhere, Somehow’ comes out as the most infectious and immediate slab of heavy hardcore you’ll hear in 2017. The latter of the three revels in its aggression with more mainstream sounding hard rock.

From there on in Outsider keeps the quality high and the riffs super heavy. Pay particular attention to ‘Outrage (Fresh Face, Stale Cause) and the anthemic ‘Blindspot’. This is a masterclass in hardcore, sure there’s moments where the band go heavy on the melodic hardcore but that just makes it that bit more accessible and immediate.

AD Rating 8/10

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