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EP Review: Effing by Two Knights

Two Knights release their new EP Effing on 1st September via Skeletal Lightning. Two Knights is just one of Parker Lawson (guitar/vocals) and Miles DeBruin’s (drums) many bands. The inseparable Denton, Texas duo also play together in Flesh Born, Mimisiku, Father Figure, and Whimper just to name a few. But what sets Two Knights apart is the pair’s extraordinary bond, of which you can attest to if you’ve seen their ridiculously tight live show.

Following the release of their debut full-length Shut Up, along with an EP and a barrage of splits alongside Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate), The World Is A Beautiful Place and I Am No Longer Afraid To Die, The Reptilian, Innards, and more, Effing finds the duo navigating hairpin turns with a manic math-rock technicality, at times screeching to an abrupt halt, but the band’s relentless and frantic energy always keep their songs moving forward.

Effing is quite the listen, although it can be a heavy beast it’s never outwardly aggressive. The heaviness is tempered by the intricate math feel. Imagine a less weird version of Tera Melos with a little more drive towards all out riffs.

It’s two guys jamming and having fun, a sound that translates directly through to the EP. Although it’s 6 tracks it doesn’t take up much more than 12 minutes and is well worth the listen. As each track bursts and grabs your attention it’s a pulsating and exciting listen. Get yourself lost in the detailed tones of the formidable ‘Lex Loser’, a raucous and highly enjoyable end to an enthralling EP.

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