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EP Review: Summer of Luv by Fizzy Blood

Leeds band Fizzy Blood release their new EP Summer of Luv on 1st September on Killing Moon/Alya Records. 2017 has been quite the year for Fizzy Blood, kicking off with their second performance at SXSW, the band were faced with a domino effect of live opportunities including support to While She Sleeps, The Great Escape, Liverpool Sound City, Camden Rocks and Download Festival to name a few.

The momentum gained from their singles ‘Pawn’ and ‘Summer of Luv’ (both featured on this EP) have put the band on the cusp of something big. This is their moment to break into the rock mainstream. It’s obvious from their EP on why they’re being tipped for big things, it’s big raucous and accessible alt rock.

If you’re looking for mainstream friendly alt rock then Fizzy Blood is your band. Unfortunately, it’s all a little too vacuous and contrived. There’s no real substance here, it’s bland middle of the road modern rock with no uniqueness or passion. Of all four tracks on the EP, ‘Haunted’ is the only one that comes out with some kind of likeabilty. ‘ADHD’ is instantly forgettable, ‘Prawn’ is bland and lead single and title track ‘Summer of Luv’ is just plain awful. ‘Healing isn’t Free’ comes close to being decent but instead goes down the rabbit hole of pretentiousness without having the musicianship to live up to itself.

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