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Album Review: Good Nature by Turnover

American alt rock act Turnover released their third album Good Nature on 25th August via Run For Cover. Recorded with producer Will Yip, who had worked with the band on their previous album, Peripheral Vision. It is the last album by the band to feature lead guitarist Eric Soucy, who has since been released from the band due to allegations of emotional abuse.

It’s an album that follows the natural evolution of the band. From the emo tinged pop punk of Magnolia (2013) to the indie dream pop style of Peripheral Vision (2015), Good Nature takes the band leaping further into the indie dream pop sphere. It’s an album that’s fluid and drawn out, more laidback and gradual than any of Turnover’s previous work.

While Turnover may have outgrown the urgency and immediacy of their debut, there’s still tinges of emo with vocalist/guitarist Austin Getz describing the album as “Learning. This whole record is about learning. Opening your eyes to new things, going outside of your comfort zone, and learning to grow into something new.”

Musically the step into shoegazing dream pop is pushed forward with every track. ‘Butterfly Dream’ and ‘Curiosity’ are the standout tracks of the album and along with lead single ‘Super Natural’ they’re the handful of tracks that have an immediate impact. All three are excellent tracks and show Turnover to be a real force, yet on your first few listens they’re let down by the rest of the album.

It’ll take a few listens for the album to bed in and for you to appreciate the more delicate and quieter moments. Once you’re fully acclimatised to the feel of Good Nature, the quiet tones of ‘Nightlight Girl’, the chilled groove of ‘Pure Devotion’ and the sprawling ‘Living Small’ come to the fore and become firm favourites. The latter is especially good; the harmonies are delightful and it’ll gradually feel like it sits easy beside Turnover’s best work.

A solid and pleasing album

AD Rating 6.5/10

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