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Album Review: Trash Generator by Tera Melos

Tera Melos release their third album Trash Generator on 25th August via Sargent House. In their first release since 2013s X’ed Out, Tera Melos have come back sounding fresh and rejuvenated. It sounds as if the downtime has recharged the band with an entirely new sense of purpose. The performances are brilliant and sharp, the songs concise yet intricately detailed, and the album production deftly captures the band’s strength as a live unit.

Where at times X’ed Out was a difficult listen, Trash Generator is immediate and instantaneous from the off. That’s not to say Tera Melos have lost any of their off-kilter math rock sensibilities, this is every bit as progressive, experimental and full of jagged song structures, it’s just easier to fall in love with. You won’t need to persevere with Trash Generator, if you’re a math rock or Sargent House aficionado then this will be right up your street.

Perhaps AllMusic critic Jason Lymangrover best described the band when he described their sound as having “the aggression of punk with the technical intricacies of prog rock,” using “jerky shifts in time signatures and disjointed guitar noodling with a close resemblance to Don Caballero and Hella.”

The pop element of Tera Melos’s sound comes to the fore a little more on Trash Generator. ‘A Universal Gonk’ and ‘Your Friends’ are big immediate tracks that showcase the band’s ability to blend the ultra-technical with a pop sensibility and an eye for a hook. The title track revels in its technical showmanship while tracks like ‘Dyer Lyn’ and ‘Men’s Shirts’ showcase the band’s ability to come from the left field and still come in sounding accessible.

Let the intricate punch of ‘Don’t Say I Know’ wash over you in its refined chaos and revel in the fact that if you haven’t ‘got’ Tera Melos before then this is the album where they become accessible to you. Sure, for the initiated this may a little overwhelming at first, if so persevere and you’ll be welcomed to an excellent, progressive math rock album.

Trash Generator is an album that old fans will enjoy and also acts as an opening for a whole host of new fans.

AD Rating 8/10

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  1. but what will Anthony Fantano think


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