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Album Review: Visions by Able Baker Fox

Able Baker Fox release their sophomore EP Visions on 25th August via No Sleep Records. Recorded by Jawbox’s J Robbins, it the bands followup to their 2008 debut, Voices. Forming as an offshoot of Small Brown Bike/The Casket Lottery/Coalesce, the band deliver up a slab of post-hardcore indebted to the 2000s.

The most endearing thing about Able Baker Fox is the fact that their sound doesn’t move with current trends, it’s a lavish look back at the post-hardcore of the early and mid-2000s. The scene was at its height and with Visions you’re transported back to when post-hardcore was bathed in emo and harmonies rather than the raw heavy guitars you hear today.

There’s more than a casual nod to Rival Schools in the sound, that’s no bad thing in our book. The impassioned vocal brings back memories of Walter Schreifels belting out the big triumphant moments of United By Fate. It’s not all on Rival Schools though, there’s a grungy pop sensibility there too, no more evident than on second track ‘Sins of Dad’ that channels a touch of Stone Temple Pilots.

While the previously mentioned ‘Sins of Dad’ and ‘Pennies on the Dollar’ are top quality tracks, the album doesn’t exactly excel. There’s several points at which you’ll find you mind wandering and you’ll lose focus on the album. ‘Painted Shell’ and ‘Long Horizon’ fall just short of being excellent tracks simply due to them outstaying their welcome and becoming a tad bland.

‘Dead Canaries’ and ‘Lady Ghost’ give you brief hope, but it all just sounds a little flat. The songs are decent yet there’s something missing that would turn them into excellent tracks. Nonetheless it’s an enjoyable album that will make you hanker for more 2000s inspired post-hardcore

AD Rating 6/10

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