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Album Review: The Part That No One Knows by Pinact

Scottish indie punks Pinact release their sophomore album The Part That No One Knows on 25th August via Kanine Records. 12 tracks of instantaneous Weezer-esque indie punk condensed into 33 minutes, what more could you want?

On the new album, you get the feeling that this is the band’s big opportunity to really shine. Relentlessly performing and honing their craft, Corrie Gillies (vocals, guitar), Lewis Reynolds (drums) were already a frantic on-stage force, before they added Jon Arbuthnot (bass) to bring out the razor-sharp melodies and unapologetically fuzzy guitars. The Part That No One Knows, a much-anticipated follow-up to 2014’s excellent debut, Stand Still and Rot, delivers on all fronts – the trio offers hooks by the dozen, artillery-style drumming and perfectly synchronised guitar interplay.

There’s no airs and graces here, just good honest infectious punk rock. It starts off big with the title track and never dips from there on in, hooks, fuzzed up guitars and catchy melodies make it a formidable listen.

‘Seams’ and ‘Separate Ways’ are bangers that you could well imagine will get the band a legion of new fans. On these two tracks, the band grab they’re opportunity to shine and excel, but there’s a sense of an easy win lurking just under the surface. That’s not a criticism, it’s tracks like these that can make a band. Rather it’s in the sleezier tracks like ‘Bug House’ and ‘Against The World’ that the real Pinact shines through, there’s a sense of the band enjoying what they do. They mightn’t be as radio friendly, but they’re the better tracks.

Imagine Pinkertion era Weezer revisited today and you’ll be on the money. In all honesty, the band lend pretty heavily from Weezer, at times it’s hard to ignore, but hell you don’t get much better than that so why not have that as your marker.

It’s an easy and pleasant listen. It’s the sound of a band on the cusp of something great. Keep your eyes on Pinact, they’re going to be huge.

AD Rating 6.75/10

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