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Album Review: Flesh Grenade by Consider Yourself

Instrumental rock act Consider Yourself release their debut album, Flesh Grenade, on 22nd August. Following on from their self-recorded, self-produced EP Two Brothers in June 2015, the Rhode Island band have ramped their blend of progressive and loud mathy post-rock, creating an enthralling debut.

To manage your expectations, this comes in at the heavier side of post-rock. Even lumping it in as post-rock is slightly tenuous, while it may dip it’s toes in the post-rock spectrum this is spacier, heavier and more experimental. There’s a nod to Giraffes? Giraffes! In the style, but this comes out as something unique, something special.

Opener ‘This One’s For You, Baby P’ is a blistering opener full of grandeur and soaring riffs. It sets the tone for an atmospheric and captivating album superbly. While first half highlights include the bold and experimental ‘Deck Night’ and the accomplished math tones of ‘Diddler On The Roof’ the real strength of the opening half is how it all comes together to form one shift piece of music.

From there on in it’s obvious that this is an album lovers’ album. There’s the need to give it your all, set aside some time and block out the world. As the album segues from the quiet ‘Brothel Pirate’ into the atmospheric ‘Date Night Hockey Fight’ it’s confirmed that Consider Yourself are something special. It’s a duo of tracks that complement each other perfect, the former builds the latter up and pushes the force of its crescendo towards something raw and emotional.

If you weren’t blown away by the big crescendo then ‘They Call Me Bobby Cinnamon’ follows with an explosion of guitars and intricate riffs that channels a raw emotion that hits home. Strap yourself in for the experimentation of ‘I’m Really Sad We Didn’t Get To See That Contortionist’ before the complementing sprawling progressive math of ‘But I Guess Ten Dollars Can Only Get You So Far In The City’. Concluding track ‘Bordello Macaw’ plays the part of closer perfectly in a sentimental and sprawling number.

A strong and commanding debut.

AD Rating 8/10

Keep your eye on some exclusive Consider Yourself content in the coming days…

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