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Album Review: 24-7 Rock Star Shit by The Cribs

Wakefield three piece The Cribs released their seventh album, 24-7 Rock Star Shit on 11th August. With this Steve Albini recorded album it heralds a new era of The Cribs. For a band that always walked the line between indie and punk, this sees them coming in firmly on the side of the latter.

While it retains a pop swagger and the distinct Cribs sound it’s easily the band’s most abrasive, forthright and chaotic album. There’s the feeling that the Jarman brothers have tapped into the aesthetic of the first two Cribs albums, The Cribs (2004) and The New Fellas (2005), and given it a 2017 twist.

On first listen you could be forgiven for thinking it isn’t much of an improvement from For All My Sisters (2015), but then on the second or third listen you begin to fall in love with the record. You’d be a fool to think it’s going to be full of the indie pop of Men’s Needs, Women’s Needs, Whatever. While it’s not a hundred miles removed it twists and screws it into the most exciting and visceral version of The Cribs.

It’s plainly obvious that Albini has lent a hand to the sound of The Cribs here. The guitar work has that distinct lo-fi grunge sound, it particularly obvious and electrifying on the excellent ‘Year of Hate’ and ‘Dendrophobia’. The latter is the first instance on which you begin to think this is something special. By the next listen ‘In Your Palace’ stands out as the most immediate and cements its place as the strongest track on the album.

‘Rainbow Ridge’ and ‘Broken Arrow’ are the other big stand out moments with latter being a fitting close to the album while the former channels In Utero guitar work with reckless abandon. The quieter moments like ‘Dead At The Wheel’ and ‘Sticks Not Twigs’ throw a bleak and delicate sound into the mix, carrying just as must power as the louder tracks, it’s hard to find faulting in any of 24-7 Rock Star Shit.

A strong and commanding album, this updated version of The Cribs might just be the band at their best.

AD Rating 8.5/10

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