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Playlist: Young States, EP influences

With Young State’s new EP Past Truths Present Lies due on the 29th September we caught up with the band to curate a playlist based on their influences for the EP.



If Nothing Breaks, Nothing Moves – Arcane Roots

This song influenced the writing process and bases of Tell A Lie and contributed to the idea of making Tell A Lie a ‘big’, ‘epic’ sounding song.


Beggars – Mallory Knox

When playing this song a few years as a cover, it exposed us to exploring more backing vocals which can heard on songs like memory


We found love – Rihanna

Libby initially messed around with this song in a practise and came up with a similar rhythm then became the chorus for let it out


Fire –  Pvris

When we writing some songs for this eEP Pvris’ album white noise came out. This was something collectively as a band we all listened to, and is a solid debut. Fire is our favourite song from the album.



Your Soft Blood – Sorority Noise

Inspired me to used drums to build the song and create an atmosphere with toms and crashing cymbals rather than just be in the background keeping a beat. The heavy use of stops and starts, choking of cymbals and tom crescendos adds to the overall feel of the song and I very much incorporated that in the drums throughout the whole EP.


Rabbit Foot – Defeater

I was listening to Defeater as a whole a lot during the writing process of the EP. Defeater’s drummer inspired me to make use of the whole drum kit to create unique beats and occasionally move away from the hi-hats and straight drums. Although the style is very different, aspects of this are shown all through the EP, however especially in ‘Let It Out’ as I move away from your conventional drums to create something a bit different.



Waking Up (Acoustic) – Pvris

I listened to the Pvris acoustic EP on repeat once it came out. The melody in this song influenced the melody for ‘Let It Out’ in the way that the rhythm of the melody doesn’t fit to each bar.


The World Or Nothing – Deaf Havana

This song has one of my favourite lyrics in and the lyrics throughout are pretty solid. I think the honesty in them was an influence in writing lyrics that were honest in this EP.



Tautou – Brand New

I’ve always been a fan of Brand New, and have grown up listening to them. Deja entendu played a big role in the production side of this EP. We wanted to capture the atmospheric cleans and heavy reverb but with hard hitting distortion when the songs kicked in.


Seven – Sunny Day Real Estate

This track is one of the highlights of the album ‘Diary’ for me. The album is one of the defining releases within the emo genre, and it was important for me to explore the music that came before me, and what influenced my influences. This album was something I was listening to a lot during the writing and recording process for this EP.


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