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EP Review: Hell Ya by Club Night

Club Night release their new EP Hell Ya on 25th August via Tiny Engines. Club Night has been a project about coming together. Whether at the shows of each other’s bands or biking around with backpacks full of cheap beer, Club Night is the logical conclusion of the Oakland DIY scene to which its members belong. Each member of Club Night brings to the band their own diverse set of musical experiences. So, when Josh Bertram brought together the members of Club Night in a room to see what would happen, music quickly exploded from this convergence of musical influences and styles. Rather than producing a disjointed tug-o-war of tastes, Club Night gets it strength from the cooperation and passion of its members to create an homage to the people who have nurtured them, and an abandoning of colouring within the lines.

The blend of frantic riffs and pop melodies make for an instantaneous and enthralling listen. You’re never quite sure what direction the track is going to take next. Opener ‘Shear’ sounds like a ramped up version of Los Campesinos, before ‘Rally’ fizzes and boils in a beam of sunshine.

‘Well’ starts of chaotic before turning into a post punk tinged indie pop track. The bassline drives the track into infectious pop territory while the hooks sucker you in, it’s the best track on the EP and should be your go to point. What the band were aiming for in ‘Hair’ I’ll never know, even though it acts as an interlude it’s not much more than directionless, chaotic abrasive noise. Thankfully, ‘Work’ gets things back on track with driving and intricate riffs. This the track for the music lover – big, full of guts and showcases the talent at the heart of Club Night.


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