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EP Review: Five Turnings by Navajo Ace

Navajo Ace released their debut EP on 7th August. Navajo Ace are a new dynamic indie rock band from Worcester, UK. Fully formed at the start of 2016, the band hit the studio straight away to record their first demo track, “Five Turnings”, which helped to land them several high profile support slots with bands such as Moose Blood, Bivouac and Garret Klahn (Texas is the Reason).

Navajo Ace are quickly garnering themselves a reputation as an interesting underground band that make music with power and soul. The band combine a broad spectrum of influences, breathing new life into a sound somewhere between the grittier end of 90s college alt rock and Emo before it became a dirty word. Their much anticipated 5 track debut EP is planned for release in late summer 2017.

The EP is a strong statement of intent. Opener ‘Tiger In The Tank’ blends an emo sound with 90s indie making for an endearing and captivating track before ‘Underneath Cars’ seeks out the riffs in its intro and develops into a delightful indie rock track.

There’s a swagger to ‘Awkward Places’ showing the confidence and talent at the root of this promising band while with ‘Five Turning’ it’s plainly obvious why this band have gained so much attention. Again, it’s confident, sounding above a reasonably new band. The blend of emo and indie rock is perfect. Closer ‘Drop The Needle’ confirms that Navajo Ace are a bright spark in the current UK new music scene. Keep your eyes out for these guys, they’re going to be huge.

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