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EP Review: Mortals by Down I Go

Down I Go release their new, digital only, EP Mortals on 14th August. Having reformed in 2015 to make the thundering You’re Lucky God, That I Cannot Reach You for Holy Roar Records, Down I Go continue to find themselves scattered across the Earth: in Chicago, Toronto and Stockholm, in a perpetual state of semi-hiatus. Itchy-footed as they are, ’You’re Lucky God…’ was barely cool off the press before they started laying the foundations for Mortals.

Conceived as a sequel to their 2011 EP Gods, Mortals was entirely self-produced remotely, written in a factory basement Toronto, tracked in a barn in Antioch, Illinois and then sent across the sea to Pete in Stockholm, who painstakingly overlaid vocals, ranging from sonorous choirs to throat-ripping yelps from his suburban house.

Mortals covers the dramatic stories of four different figures of Greek Mythology, tragic, vain, greedy and arrogant. In their signature style, that might best be described as ‘Drunk Wikipedia Farming’, Down I Go have once again amassed some of the most interesting, surprising sounds of the year, corralling them into a quarter-hour of glorious brutality.

As you’d expect from any Down I Go release you’re in for a treat. Blending crushing riffs, ingenious storytelling and the knack for knowing exactly when to throw in a curve ball and you’ve got a captivating an enthralling listen.

Opener ‘Psyche’ throbs with a bubbling baseline, throw in the blend of shredding yelps interspersed with harmonies and crushing riffs and you’re onto a winner. ‘Palaemon’ bursts into life with a swagger that you can’t help but nod your head to. It’s chaotic and heavy yet irresistibly catchy, as track enters its final minute the choir effect gives the track a grandeur that places it up there with the finest tracks by Down I Go.

If you thought that was a high then prepare yourself for ‘Pandora’. The brutality is raw and infectious – the severe riffs complement Pete’s visceral vocal work perfectly. Closer ‘Heracles’ excels in the typically fierce yet catchy template used by Down I Go, expect goosebumps when the track explodes around the two-minute mark.

Wonderful stuff.

AD Rating 8/10


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