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Playlist: Fangclub’s Split Personalities in Music Videos

Irish alt rock trio Fangclub release their debut (self-titled album) on the 4th of August (review here) and what better way to mark the event than curating a playlist for us!

Fangclub’s Split Personalities in Music Videos



The Vines – Get Free

This is directed by Roman Coppola, and is one of Stevens favourite music videos ever. It was their first video, and thats how you do it right. Come in with the band on a mountain with lightning bolts shooting all around them



My Chemical Romance – Na na na (na na na na na na na na na)

Not only is Kev a massive My Chem fan, but he’s also a huge comic fan too. So to see Grant Morrison chase down the boys in this dystopian future with laser guns and vampires was right up his street. They have always worked very closely with directors on music videos and we’ve tried to follow suit.



Radiohead – Just

You thought we were gonna say Paranoid Android didn’t you? As much as we love that too, I think we can all agree that this our favourite music video of all time. It’s such a smart idea. I don’t think we ever want to know what he says at the end either.



Elliott Smith – Miss Misery

The only love song we could choose had to be a heartbreaking one. Steven is obsessed with Elliott Smith and cites him as massive influence on his song writing, so we thought this would be quite apt. Quite a simple video but the song is all that matters here. It’s beautiful, haunting and taken from the amazing Good Will Hunting soundtrack. If ever we have any little disagreements in the band, we’ve been known to break into the “Its not your fault” scene. It just breaks any tension and everything is always all good again.



Nirvana – In Bloom

We’re obviously massive Nirvana fans so we had to put one their videos in. We chose this because i think for the first time it showed how funny they could be. A lot of their music videos were so serious before and they just did not give a shit here. So much so Krist Noveselic hair changes during the video because he shaved it after he played a bad show in New York. The contrasts of the song compared to this early Beatles/Beach Boys esque performance on an Ed Sullivan type talk show is just genius



Queens of the Stone Age – Go with the Flow

Songs for the Deaf, the album that this is taken from is pretty much Dara’s drum bible. It was so hard to choose what Queens of the Stone Age song for this because there is a lot of provocative stuff there but we decided to go with this video because of the superb animation in it. Doing an animated video is always a bit risky but Queens beautifully took animation and real life and blended them better than when the two trucks collide at the end. Its over ten years old and still looks incredible



Foo Fighters – All my Life

This is such an iconic video and just demonstrates how powerful a performance only video can be. I think it was directed by Dave Grohl as well which is really cool. My first ever arena gig was the Foo Fighters and i still remember the big curtain dropping when this kicked in. Its on our pre gig playlist to help get us psyched up before a gig



Wavves – Way too much

Wavves don’t get enough love this side of the Atlantic and we’ve been huge fans of them since “King of the Beach”. Kev chose this one because he’s a massive pro wrestling fan as is Nathan from Wavves and he got to live the dream by combing the two. The whole video takes place around a violent indie wrestling show and it’s just nuts. Fun fact: Kev was matched with the director of this video Jack Wagner, in Reddits secret santa exchange a couple of years ago. Small world ay?



Weezer – Keep Fishing

Remember when this video came out and it was just everywhere on TV? I love how they worked in the chaos of the Muppet show at the start of the video and having Pat get kidnapped and Animal take over the drums too. The whole concept might have been a bit risky to other bands but if any band could get away with teaming up with the Muppets, its Weezer and they pulled it off flawlessly.



The Offspring – Why Don’t you Get a Job

The Offspring is one of our favourites and this video is so wonderfully late 90’s. I mean who glides into their music video on a hand glider just cause? Dexter Holland thats who! We love the whole tongue in cheek vibe of this video and the idea of a parade essentially happening like the band are literally picking up fans as they go along. Its got a great cameo of the kid from Pretty Fly for a White Guy at the end too.

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