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Album Review: Amuse Bouche by Quadrilles

London math pop act Quadrilles release their second album, Amuse Bouche, on 28th July. Picking up where 2015’s Isotopes left off, this is an album of accessible math rock with immediate hooks, sumptuous harmonies and a smattering of pop sensibility.

With Amuse Bouche, Quadrilles take their love of food pass it through a blender of intricate guitars and pop hooks to serve up one of 2017s finest math records. It’s album that you’ll fall in love with immediately – there’s no bedding in period, no getting used the style – just instant gloriously infectious math rock. It’s a short and snappy affair, with six tracks proper (‘Alarm’, ‘Allarm’ and ‘Alllarm’ acting as progressing interludes). Repeat listens are essential simply because it’s so good and your appetite for more Quadrilles will be insatiable.

‘Alarm’ breaks you into the album before the intricately infectious guitar work of ‘£15 Dinners’ announces Amuse Bouche as a formidable and ridiculously catchy album. The harmonies play perfectly alongside the gradual and throbbing guitars (check out our exclusive premier of the track here). ‘Nang Steed’ has a little more urgency to it, the impetuous energy clashing with the refined and precise structure. It works brilliantly with the track bursting with forthright vocals and meaty riffs at the 2-minute 30 mark.

‘Kebab Pizza’ reigns in the energy slightly. Replacing the energy with an explorative math rock style there’s a fragile beauty edging into track making it the most emotive and compelling track on the album. Here the guitars lead you on a gentle path through a sonically intricate and emotional landscape while the rhythm section provide the structure and basis. ‘Forzano’ is another emotional track with the acoustic guitars lending the track a subtly bleak beauty. Like the preceding track there’s something about the guitar work that delves into your subconscious and connects in a very real and visceral way.

‘Turkey Herder’ revels in its relatively short duration going into a tales of Christmas time over a haze of detailed guitars and urgent drumming. It’s probably the purest math rock track on the album before album closer ‘Parmo is Parmo Backwards’ acts as the perfect album closer. Encapsulating all the textures and tones from the rest of the album it’s the most ambitious track whilst also being the most emotional, relatable and immediate.

This is an album that amuses to your very core. This is Quadrilles at their very best, compelling and stunning in equal measure. Essential.

AD Rating 9.75/10


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