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Playlist: The Hyena Kill talk favourites and influences

Off the back of releasing their new single RED at the start of July and a storming appearance at 2000 Trees, Steven and Lorna from The Hyena Kill put together a playlist on influences and favourite tracks.



1/ Nirvana – Drain You

I still love this band as much as I did when I was 13. This is my go to track of theirs and still blows me away now. I would die happy if I could write something anywhere near as good as this.


2/ Deftones – My Own Summer

The first song I ever heard by Deftones and instantly became obsessed. Plus, the video has great whites in and I fucking love sharks


3/ Idlewild – Little Discourage

This track makes the list because vie recently been twatting 100 broken windows almost to the same extent as I did when I was a teenager. I love everything about this tune and the melodies on this album are so original they have always stayed with me.


4 / Black Sabbath – War Pigs

I nicked Paranoid off my dad and absolutely rinsed it. I’ve been ripping Sabbath off in some form ever since I picked up a guitar.


5/ Tool – Stinkfist

This band will forever influence me and this is just a fucking monster tune.




1/ Funeral for a friend – Juneau

I used to hear this playing from my sister’s room when I was a teenager and got the album off her. This track is still a favourite number for rock clubs, and one of my top bands from my teenage years. I’m very influenced by the drumming on all their releases.


2/ System of a Down – Chop Suey!

Didn’t quite understand what I was listening to, but fucking hell, it was refreshing



3/ The Used – Blue and Yellow

I still love this album. Before shouty, alternative music became screamo or emo or whatever the fuck they called it, this album was just a banging album to shout along to. But this track was my favourite.



4/ Paramore – Misery Business.

This was the pop/rock outburst I’d been looking for a while. I remember first seeing the music video on Kerrang! and was glued to the screen. Still get ridiculously excited when I hear the intro for this song.



5/ Warpaint- Undertow.

Not quite from my youth but Warpaint seriously changed the way I approached writing music, helping me consider space and ambiance when it benefits the song. This band moves me on a personal as well as musical level.


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