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Playlist: Sibling talk favourites and influences

The guys from Sibling put their heads together to create a playlist for us on their favourite tracks and influences. Where there isn’t a band member’s name beside the track it’s a band pick. Check out our review of their debut EP Dream You Away


Jimmy Eat World – You With Me

We’re all massive fans of Jimmy Eat World, and to many the obvious choice would be a track from Bleed American, but we are massive fans of Integrity Blues. ‘You With Me’ as a track is a big influence to us with the expansive sound on the track with a nice driving beat. Very atmospheric, but still catchy and poppy.


Caspian – Gone In Bloom and Bough – Sam

Caspian are really important to Sibling. Pre Sibling, we were a Post Rock project between Benio, Lewis and myself. We had written a little 4 track EP that was straight up Post-Rock but then decided to branch out and try and incorporate more pop sensibilities and structures (Sibling was born). Caspian are probably our favorite band from the genre and we listen to them a lot in the car between shows. Gone In Bloom and Bough is always the first track we put on, everything about the song is beautiful from the guitar tones to the structure, and just being able to keep you hooked for 10 minutes whilst it sends you on an emotional journey.


Alcest – Opale – Sam

Alcest are a band we have all recently discovered. Lewis and myself saw them supporting MONO in London last year and instantly fell in love with them, especially their lighter album ‘Shelter’. It’s hard to say where to say this sits exactly but it’s somewhere between Shoe-Gaze and Post-Rock. This track opens up straight away with a dreamy lead guitar line that hooks you straight in and then comes back again in the chorus. The chorus is massive sounding, drenched in reverb, vocal harmonies and that guitar lead comes back in. It’s a recipe we all love and has influenced our writing.


Paramore – Decode

Paramore are masters of catchy songs with massive choruses. I think this is our favorite Paramore track as a group for its explosive chorus and just in general excellent song writing. For example, the way in which the lead guitar line compliments Hayley Williams’ vocal melodies to create a huge chorus just blends perfectly together.  The song it’s self is simple but at the same time has a lot of depth to it.


Brand New – Jesus Christ  – Benio

No one needs to be told twice that Brand New are a band that hundreds of other bands aspire to be. I remember being visibly moved the first time I heard Jesus Christ. It’s a perfect example of a powerful but delicate song, vulnerable in the lyrics and guitars until the vocals let rip. We think it’s something we do well, so this song resonates with us.


PVRIS – FIRE – Lewis

This track is a shining example of how pop and heavy music can come together in harmony. Along with catchy chorus’ and the chilling verses, what stands out to me the most in this track is the bridge before the last chorus. Such a huge dark sound is created here, with all the layers of the mix syncing together so well. It definitely influenced me when it came to introducing synths into Sibling’s songwriting.


The Cure – Friday I’m In Love – Lewis

The Cure have written a great deal of incredible tracks over the years but the track that really shines above all else is Friday I’m In Love. It’s hard to find a single thing wrong with this track, it simply captivates from the get go. From the bouncy guitar riff to Robert Smith’s brilliantly crafted vocal performance, this track is something you can instantly relax to.

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