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EP Review: Under The Mask by Energy

Energy release their new EP, Under The Mask, on 21st July via their own label Shadowland Productions. Picking up where Apparition Sound left off in January, this is six slices of infectious and immediate punk rock with sombre, melancholy melodies and introspective lyrics combined with infectiously poppy hooks.

Lyrically, Under The Mask focuses on frontman, TANK’s tales depression, human temptation, sexual liberation, mental illness, solitude, isolation, love and loss of love.

“We are so excited to be releasing our brand new EP “Under The Mask”. We got to explore some unfamiliar territory.” says TANK. “With songs like “The Witching Hour” and “Under The Mask”, this release contains some of our darkest and most heavy material to date. On the other hand, songs like “I Killed Your Boyfriend” and “A Prayer For Rain” are on the poppier side, which I think will appeal to old and new fans. I really enjoy the diversity of the songs that we’ve been putting out recently. I’m slowly trying to explore as many areas of music that interest me, while still being able to say with confidence that it sounds like an Energy record.”

As you’d expect of an Energy record it’s goth like punk that’s so infectious it’s hard to listen once. Imagine the template of Creeper with the pop sensibility ramped up. It’s got something for old and new fans alike, being their most accessible material to date you can’t help but think that this might just be the time that Energy make their mainstream rock breakthrough.

With Chris Curran (Four Year Strong, PVRIS, A Loss For Words, It Lives It Breathes) taking the helm on recording and production duties Under The Mask is more polished and neatly packaged than previous material. Where ‘The Witching Hour’ may take a darker, more aggressive tone it shines bright in being their highest quality output. The EP doesn’t dip from there on in and acts as either the perfect introduction to the band or the songs that give them their breakthrough.

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