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EP Review: Seasons by Dire Bloom

Leeds emo pop punks Dire Bloom release their sophomore EP, Seasons, on 20th July. Consisting of Felix Kjåelberg, Tom Cutts, JJ Armstrong, Ben Whynes & Adam Kelly they released their debut EP ‘Facade’ in December 2016. Season marks the growth and progression of the band.

This is the sound of a band confident in what they’re doing, worthy of a band that you’d consider more established and longer in the tooth. In many ways, Dire Bloom have perfected the current emo revival sound and smeared with just enough pop punk to make it that bit more instantaneous.

Opener ‘Bittersweet’ is the standout track, immediate and commanding it shows Dire Bloom at the very top of their game. ‘Colour Blind’ is a touch more abrasive but every bit as infectious before ‘The Art Giving Up’ comes out sounding like a blend of Basement, Title Fight and Taking Back Sunday at their best. ‘Bleed It Out’ ramps up the accessibility and holds nothing back, a prime example of just how good this band are.

Expect huge things from Dire Bloom, this is the start of something momentous.

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