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Playlist: Fights and Fires album influences

Hot the tails of their new album Live Life Like A Tourist, we caught up with Fight And Fires vocalist Phil Cox to find out what songs influenced the album (and specific tracks)…


Walk Idiot Walk – The Hives // Blanquettes Avenue

The Hives have been a big influence on our sound. They have a great lo-fi rock’n’roll feel that we have always tried to pepper within our more traditional hardcore roots. We really wanted to write a more upbeat and fun record than previous efforts and so, we tried to kick off album by showing these influences.


Screams In Caves – Polar Bear Club // Church Bells

I made a real effort on this record to try write more ‘hooks’, and sing with more melody. I have always been in awe of Polar Bear Club’s ability to be so catchy, without losing the fundamentals of a good punk hardcore song. On Church Bells, I really tried to push myself to write a singalong chorus and capture some of this band’s feel.


Past Tense, Future Perfect – Paint It Black // Awkward

Fast punk rock/Hardcore was a massive part of growing up in our local music scene and, it’s something we have tried to replicate many times. But, until now, we’ve never really been satisfied with the results. This is the first fast song we have ever been truly happy with and I think it’s because we added a strong melody to the chorus, much in the same way Paint It Black do so perfectly.


The Best Ever Death Metal Band In Denton – The Mountain Goats // Camping

Lyrically I have always loved the way John Darnielle doesn’t just write songs, he writes stories. This was my first try at making the lyrics to a song follow a story arc. The basic premise is a broken-down relationship heading out, to the woods, to see if they can reignite the old flame.


Gonna See My Friend – Pearl Jam // Hard To Dream

The 90’s is back and grunge is cool again… everyone is having a go at it! This song started as a bit of a jokey jam session but, we enjoyed making that grunge soaked sound too much to stop. Pearl Jam are my favourite grunge band and Gonna See My Friend is their most under-rated song.


Bulls On Parade – Rage Against The Machine // Take A Swing At The World

We got asked to make a track for the premier German pro-wrestling company WXW… and we jumped at the opportunity. We felt the song would need a strong ‘stomping’ riff and a sense of urgency; to match the action in the ring. The first band that sprung to mind were Rage. We set about trying to write a riff that Tom would be proud of and let the rest build from there.


Imitation Is The Sincerest Form Of Battery – Every Time I Die // Kibosh

Every Time I Die have nailed the modern metal/southern rock sound and it is something we used to do a lot more of. We almost threw this track in as a nostalgic nod towards a sound that we had a lot of fun making.


Avalanche – Hundred Reasons // Ouija Board

I have always fancied trying my hand at writing a lo-fi/acoustic track. I love to hear singers, better known for their aggressive delivery, attempt something that isn’t their usual style; when they step out of their comfort zone. This is a beautiful track by one of my favourite bands, which gave me a jumping-off-point for Ouija Board.


Buy the album here

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