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EP Review: Moving On by VVomen

Sacremento based post-hardcore act VVomen release their debut EP, Moving On, on 21st July. It’s post-hardcore in the way early At The Drive In is post-hardcore mixed with just tad bit of Jawbreaker. The earnest, speak-shouting style vocals are emotional, but not emo. The music is angular and lurching, but unabashedly melodic and catchy.

Throw in a touch of the melodic hardcore of La Dispute and Touché Amoré and you’ll have VVomen’s sound down to a tee. On first listen it’s abrasive and challenging, by the second listen the six track have become firm favourites.

Opener ‘Catching Fires’ is full of crunching guitars and scretchy vocal before VVomen flourish in the superb ‘Cadence and Carousel’. More punk than post-hardcore it’s about a couple’s first dance at their wedding. Though it’s such a simple and brief moment, the lyrics explore the worry of being able to provide what is needed to sustain a lifelong relationship with that person.

‘Blue Prints’ takes on a Touché Amoré quality that channels emotional fragility against a stark and real backdrop. The guitar work suckers you in while the vocal part hammers home the emotive subject. ‘Bad Grammar’ lays punk on a melodic hardcore template, immediate and enthralling, it’s the most accessible moment on the EP and your go to point.

The intricate intro to ‘Lessons In Humanity’ gives way to a boozy feeling punk charge akin to Iron Chic at their most sublime before the EP finishes on the catchy sing-along nature of ‘Crutch and a Stoma’. It’s a track that resonates and begs you to put the EP on repeat. Expect big things from VVomen, this is a debut of the highest standard.

AD Rating 8.5/10

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