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Alt Dialogue’s 2017 Mid Year Review

Where’s the year gone? Six months down and it’s time for our 2017 Quarter 2 / Mid Year Review. Picking up where our Q1 review left off, 2017 continued to be huge for Alt Dialogue. Our highlight came when we reviewed the new Chon album. The abuse received was both phenomenal and hilarious, keyboard warriors came out in force and battered us via Facebook, Twitter and emails. Take a look here.

Onto the round up…

On the EP front Codices and Sibling have pulled it out of the bag, make those your essential EP listens. Onto the albums.

This was a big month with releases from Wear Your Wounds and The Smith Street Band having the potential to be great albums, but while they both impressed it was left to Alt Dialogue favourites Freeze The Atlantic to deliver the standout album of the month. A little lighter and more accessible, it marks the bands best release to date. Special shout out to the new Have Mercy album that saw the band become a solo project and go to the next level.

A quieter month volume wise. Generally, it was a month of disappointing releases, ATDI, Tricot and Gnarwolves all served up albums that failed to impress. Nothing worse than looking forward to an album and ending up being a bit of dud. The month was pulled back with the 80s feel good of Dreamcar and the visceral power of Employed To Serve. The former was a superb homage to new wave while the latter set ETS out as contenders for the UKs finest hardcore act.

Setting the Chon debacle aside, June was a superb month for new albums. USA Nails, Kamikaze Girls and Dead Heavens all released great albums, then there was the next level of Hundredth, the visceral return of Eighteen Visions and the post rock charm of Only Echoes Remain. That wasn’t the month done though, Rise Against served up one of the best punk records of the year before Alpha Male Tea Party concurred math rock and delivered what will definitely be a contender for album of the year.

Looking at the reviews schedule for July and August there’s going to be some crackers. Keep your eyes out for Bad Sign, Quadrilles, Manchester Orchestra and Fights & Fires

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