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Album Review: Live & Learn by Bad Sign

Bad Sign release their highly anticipated debut album, Live & Learn, on 14th July via Basick Records. Produced by Neil Kennedy (Milk Teeth, Creeper, Press To Meco, Polar) is the culmination of Bad Sign’s uncompromising, intelligent songwriting style that bleeds integrity, evolution, and volition while continuing to further their foray into honest, heavy and melodic alternative music.

Packed full of big immediate melodies and forthright lyrics playing off against angular dynamics and thunderous riffs you’ll find Live & Learn to be a compelling and accessible album. There’s more than just a little hype following Bad Sign and it’s easy to see why. While be ferocious and heavy enough to appease the most ardent hard rock fan it’s easy on the ear and will have mass appeal.

So where do Bad Sign fit in? Imagine the grey area between mainstream UK alt rock acts like Mallory Knox and Twin Atlantic and the bands on the cusp of becoming insanely popular like Milk Teeth but are just a little too raw. Bad Sign have harnessed the raw, brooding heavy element of their sound and teamed it against a pop sensibility that opens up an accessibility that will surely garner them a legion of fans.

In tracks like ‘Attrition’ and ‘Covenant’ you’re introduced to the band’s harsher sound. Imagine Arcane Roots on steroids and you’ll be on the money. They share the ability to craft a captivating and ferocious track while having a mainstream rock side. ‘Square One’ and ‘XX’ are thunderous tracks, but it’s on ‘Closure’ that Bad Sign come into their own and deliver an alt rock track of the highest order.

Things fall a little flat on the middle of the road ‘October’, it’s just a little too easy and unchallenging. That said it’s a blip in an otherwise highly enjoyable album. While it isn’t an earth shattering album, it does alt rock well, you just get the feeling that there’s more to come from Bad Sign.

AD Rating 7/10

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