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Playlist: Bad Sign’s top 12 van bangers

With the release of their debut album Live & Learn to come on the 14th July, we caught up the guys from Bad Sign to find out what tracks are on in their van. Over to Bad Sign…

As everyone knows, apart from playing great gigs, a big part of touring is spent in the van. In addition to all the other planning that goes into a good run of shows, it is absolutely IMPERATIVE, that you get your playlist sorted. Some bands elect a van DJ, others incessantly argue over the aux cord; we tend to go for favourite albums, front to back. So, to help you streamline your music choices next time you’re on the move, whether it’s a road trip, work commute, plane playlist or frankly sat in your pants at home, we’ve put together a short selection of the finest bangers from some of our favourite records and explained why we love them so!


  1. Lower Than Atlantis – Motor Way of Life

Massive tune, literally about being on the road; perfect song to kick off any drive.


  1. Rage Against The Machine – Testify

Get in the zone for that 4 hour arsehole of a drive with this behemoth of a banger


  1. letlive. – Casino Columbus

Pure hype from the album Fake History, keep an eye on your speed though…


  1. Twin Atlantic – Edit Me

A classic tune we basically had on repeat for our first ever tour, pure bounce…serious hooks.


  1. Biffy Clyro – Mountains

Absolute anthem from the Kilmarnock lads, arguably the perfect rock song.


  1. System of Down – Toxicity (Title track)

Our favourite System tune, absolute rager.


  1. Metallica – Master Of Puppets (S&M Live Version)

No road trip is complete without some Metallica, specifically this version because Lars is on a click 😉


  1. Wiley – Bring Them All/ Holy Grime

The Godfather of grime dropped a new record this year, we havent stopped listening since.


  1. Stormzy – Bad Boys

Croydon G done good.


  1. Drake – One Dance

Perfect for a dutty wind in the van.


  1. Architects – Gravedigger

Satiate the heavier mood with some of the UK’s finest metal.


  1.  John Mayer – Gravity

THE perfect post gig jam, aaaaaaaaaand relax…



We hope there’s some stuff in there you wouldn’t usually consider, or maybe a bunch of it even married up with some of your favourite tunes! Hit up twitter and let us know your go-to records/bands whenever you’ve got the headphones in or the radio blastin’, @BadSignBand. See you on the road soon!

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