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News: El Ten Eleven sign to Alcopop! Records and announce EP

Los Angeles instrumental duo El Ten Eleven are pleased to announce their signing to Alcopop! Records (UK/Germany) for the release of their new EP Unusable Love on 18th August 2017.

Preorders are live now including a European only orange vinyl variant limited to 100 and a CD/tee bundle at:

The EP’s title track:

For over a decade, the eloquent composition from the pair have been crafted from layers of stacked augmented bass and drums, often sounding more like a quintet or an atmospheric orchestra. Over the course of their career, Kristian Dunn (bass/guitars) and Tim Fogarty (drums) have continuously reinvented their sound – this time with the addition of vocalist Emile Mosseri (The Dig) for their first vocal release, an EP, titled Unusable Love.

Instead of releasing a one-off track with a singer, Dunn and Fogarty decided to commit to a full extended-play release exploring the new sound.

“The search for the right singer was frustrating. There were a lot of people we tried working with who were really talented, but ultimately not the right fit stylistically,” says Kristian Dunn.

After months of searching they found Emile Mosseri from New York, songwriter and vocalist of indie garage rock revisionists The Dig, as Dunn continues: “Not only does the natural sound of his voice complement our music, but his work ethic and dedication are on par with our own. And his lyrics complement our music perfectly.”

El Ten Eleven started as a duo in 2002 in Silverlake and have released (6) solely-instrumental LPs to date, using a variety of instruments including guitar/bass double neck, fretless bass, heavy looping with digital effects, and both analog and acoustic drums.

Every song, both recorded and in their live performances, consists of looping specific short compositions performed by the band, then layering with different patterns. It’s incredibly difficult to perfect and “quite impressive” (LA Record) live. El Ten Eleven released their sixth full length album Fast Forward in 2015.

Unusable Love EP will be released on their own Fake Record Label (US), Alcopop! Records (UK/Germany) and Idol (ROW) on 18th August 2017.

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