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EP Review: Rosehill by Bellevue Days

Croydon-based sludge pop/alt-rock four piece, Bellevue Days, release their new EP Rosehill on 4th July 2017 via Kobalt Records. “Each song is based on a few very significant events in each of our lives,” comment the band on the new EP, “without which we highly doubt the songs would have even come about. We’ve drawn from some of the more shitty times in our lives, whether it be over-indulging on booze, drugs or religion – it’s a reflection on, and homage to, our youth.”

Bellevue Days started making waves last year with mainstream radio and rock press attention and it’s plainly obvious from Rosehill that they’re going to be massive. Big, raucous rock anthems are the order of the day, add in instantaneous hooks and lyrics centring around defining moments in young lives and you’re onto a winner.

There’s something in there that most listeners will find relatable, whether it be a 16 year old or someone in their thirties who should probably know better. Opener ‘Black Sheep Baby’ is a belting rock track before ‘Jack and I’ stands out as the most forthright and commanding track on the EP. Full of big riffs and the knack for delectable and instant hook it’s hard not to like the track.

Conversely, ‘Secret Love’ tones things down and perhaps goes a little too pop. It’s the track the propel the band into the mainstream, but is by no means their strongest. ‘Faith’ blends the pop sensibility with a heavy dose of alt-rock, this is pop rock done with aplomb. ‘Dead Summer’ goes down the more obvious pop rock route again, it’s decent but highlights how the band excel when they let the riffs out.

AD Rating 7/10

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