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Playlist: Earl Grey, EP influences

With Earl Grey’s new EP The Times You Cross My Mind released next month we asked the band to put together a playlist based on tracks that have influenced them. Over to the band…

  1. The Story So Far – Roam

Flowing hard from start to finish. We always wanted to create something as catchy as this track with the attitude to go fucking crazy.


  1. Expire – Turned To Dust

This song is a banger from start to finish. We’ve all been big Expire fans for quite a while and love all of their old stuff but they’ve outdone themselves with this one. We were listening to their new album a lot when we recorded the EP so we tried to bring that energy into our songs.


  1. Trophy Eyes – Chlorine

This is just another example of a great band changing their sound successfully. ‘Chemical Miracle’  taught us not to be afraid to show a more melodic side and try new things.


  1. Gnarwolves – History Is Bunk

Something punky was missing while we were writing the EP and everyone was listening to a lot of Gnarwolves back then. ‘History Is Bunk’ will always be one of our favorite songs by them. We wanted to create something that was similarly rough and beautiful at the same time.


  1. Title Fight – Symmetry

When we wrote the instrumentals for Hollow a few years ago (it’s an old one), Symmetry always made us want to write a fast banger with a lot of catchy melodies. ‘The Last Thing You Forget’ definitely had a big influence on all of us.


  1. Johnny Cash – Won’t Back Down

Quite a few of our songs are about living in a society with issues that you don’t agree with and circumstances that drag you down. ‘Won’t back down’ is pretty much the message of ‘Sink’ and especially ‘Hollow’, which was also inspired by Charles Bukowski’s poem ‘Alone With Everybody’.


  1. Turnover – Time

Our Song ‘Snake Hips’ is a very personal song about an adventurous time I (Tristan) had three years ago while traveling through Australia. Turnover’s ‘Time’ did not inspire me to write the lyrics but it has a pretty similiar vibe I guess. It’s a banging tune from Virginia Beach Boys’ self titled EP.


  1. Fidlar – West Coast

We fucking love Fidlar and their songwriting skills! They’re good at writing sad, personal lyrics  that are also funny and joking at the same time. We tried to write more personal lyrics on this EP, even when it comes to the point where you might want to hide from other people. ‘Fuck it Dog, life’s a risk!’

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