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News: Exclusive No Cigar album stream

Hailing from Montana, No Cigar is an alternative rock band that blossomed from the inspiration and frustration of each member’s different life experiences.

No Cigar fits right in between the catchy appeal of pop punk and the grit of early punk rock – a great compromise between the eclectic arrangements of Alkaline Trio and fresh hooks a la Rise Against.

The band thankfully strays from the over-produced aesthetics too often associated with the genre, following D.I.Y. ethics and self-producing their own material in order to achieve a more organic and personal sound, but also to be emotionally closer to their art and to the ideals behind this band.


Exclusive stream of debut album Palm Mutes & Pick Slides (released 23rd June):



According to frontman/producer, Nick Miles, the album was mastered at Metropolis Studios in London, a legendary and world renowned recording studio with works ranging all the way from bands like the Beatles, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Sex Pistols & The Clash to more modern artists such as Amy Winehouse, U2, Adele, Bjork, The Killers, and tons more. The same studio even put in some work on Kendrick Lamar’s latest album, “Damn”.

The group have managed to secure a very seasoned engineer by the name of Andy ‘Hippy’ Baldwin. Although his name may seem odd, his resume is spot on. As well as working with many newer acts (Arcade Fire, Mark Ronson, Coldplay, Interpol, Bo Ningen, and more), Andy has worked with a number of his musical influences including The Who, Blur and The Orb.

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