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EP Review: The Times You Cross My Mind by Earl Grey

German post-hardcore act Earl Grey release their new EP, The Times You Cross My Mind, on 21st July. Full of ferocity with a melodic grace, it’s an EP that will put the band at the forefront of the modern post-hardcore and garner favour from fans of Touche Amore, Defeater and Alexisonfire.

Hailing from Mönchengladbach, Germany, Earl Grey were founded just a couple of years ago and have so far released two EPs (Ready to Leave & Passing Time). Shortly after releasing that debut EP, Earl Grey toured the UK and Europe, fast building an interest and popularity for their cathartic, passionate live shows. The band followed this with an ambitious tour of Eastern Europe involving 21 shows in 7 countries (and more than 8000km of driving).

The EP starts of in real ferocious style with opener ‘Nothing’ acting as a real call to arms. Forthright and commanding it segues excellently into the more anthemic and immediate ‘Never Sleep’. While it retains the previous tracks aggression it couples this with a more melodic edge that is akin to Touch Amore at their most accessible.

‘Snake Hips’ has all the right ingredients to make a post-hardcore anthem. There’s elements of Title Fight-esque punk before the track explodes into a hard hitting and riotous slab of post-hardcore. The quieter moments showcase the versatility of Earl Grey’s sound and coupled with the louder, heavy moments make for a compelling listen. ‘Sink’ is another excellent 2 minutes of post-hardcore, before EP closer ‘Hollow’ makes for another mighty peak. Again, it’s full of commanding and heartfelt aggression making for an enthralling and pulsating listen.

AD Rating 8/10


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