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Playlist: Kamikaze Girls’ influences

With their new album Seafoam out on Friday we Kamikaze Girls to curate a playlist based on their influences. Over to drummer Conor Dawson…


Out of Time – Yuck

We saw Yuck for the first-time last year at 2000 Trees. We were on our way to watch Refused and I said we should catch the first song from Yuck because they sounded great. We fell in love instantly. We stayed for their entire set (missing all of the Refused show) and were having a lovely, dreamy dance at the back of the tent. There’s albums have been on constantly since we got back from the festival.


Orange Crush – R.E.M

I grew up with my parents playing me R.E.M when I was younger, so I’ve always been around their music. I really got back into them recently after buying a CD copy of Reveal for £1 in a charity shop to listen to in my car. This track isn’t on that album, but it’s off the album Green. I love how the guitar riff sits in the mix, there’s a lot of room around the track.


Break Up Girls! – The Raveonettes

This is the one track that started our long strange trip into the wonderful world of noise. The way this track starts with a driving guitar part but quickly explodes into a wall of pulsing, distorted noise. They sit on that jam for a time before the noise falls back and we are left with the same guitar from the intro.


Youth Against Fascism – Sonic Youth

We listened to so much Sonic Youth whilst we were writing this album so it was difficult to pick just one track of theirs. This track helped inspire the track KG Go To the Pub. We just really loved the stomper no nonsense vibe of the track and the political nature of the lyrics. When we came to writing Pub, it was an idea before we turned it into a song. Me and my girlfriend were drinking with some friends in a pub in Leeds just before Christmas and some creepy old man said some pretty horrible stuff to her when she went to the toilet, she replied with “I’m not your fucking sweet heart mate.” Which eventually became the last line in the chorus for this track. Me and Lucinda have both been slogging away in bars for the last few months since we got back from America and some of the general public we have to deal with are really horrible people. This track came from these feelings.


Supersonic – Oasis

Being children of the 90s there absolutely no way we could miss Oasis out of here, one of my earliest memories was learning all the words to Roll With It and trying to enter a radio competition. I think I actually chickened out before ringing in though. Anyway, the film Supersonic came out whilst we were in the states and I think I watched it just after getting back so it made me delve into a lot of Manchester bands from that film after watching such as The Verve and The Stone Roses, as well as other 90s britpop bangers from Republic and Sleeper. They all definitely had an influence, especially on the second half of the album.


Tired Eyes – Cayetana

Cayetana have been one of my favourite bands since i saw them a few years ago at Fest 12 in a tiny little bar. It’s been great to see how they’ve developed as song writers and we both really loved the overall vibe of this song.


Black Magic – Little Mix

Little Mix kick so much arse it’s untrue. They embody the spirit of the Spice Girls and the whole 90s girl power thing. What’s not to love about that? Plus they write super infectious, bratty, snotty songs. They don’t care if you hate them, they are what they are. If we even have a 10th of their attitude then we’ll be well happy.


Leaf – Title Fight

The whole of Floral Green is just the kind of vibe we were looking for this record. It’s kind of the perfect mix between Shoegaze and their more Hardcore roots. Whilst we are nowhere near as heavy as them, I really appreciate the genre bending and their ability to borrow different aspects in their sound from other genres.


Just Like Honey – Jesus and Mary Chain

We listened to this track loads as we were finishing up our last US tour in LA last year. I think we were driving to try a Barnes and Noble bookstore on the last day before we headed to the airport, and we were talking about what we wanted the record to sound like and I was saying how it would be great if we managed to make it as dark and moody and The Jesus and Mary Chain. I’m not sure if we managed to achieve that or not, but we both love that band.


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