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Playlist: Bear Trade – Lloyd Chambers’ favourite tracks

We were huge fans of Bear Trade’s new album Silent Unspeakable released earlier in the year so we thought’d only be fitting to ask them to curate a playlist for us. Over to Lloyd Chambers…

Having a pretty open ended brief and being the one delegated (by default) to compile this, I should note that the four us have a musical mix of shared loves, unrequited loves, and straight up hates. Our default listening on the tarmac trail is Absolute 80s Radio so make of that what you will – it certainly works for me.

Apologies to my bandmates in advance…

1. The Wedding Present “My Favourite Dress”

A timeless classic, and one of the first bands I ever saw live. The combination of wildly strummed guitars, clunky bass and lyrics a youthful lad could identify with, sung in a regional accent seems to be a theme which have carried tbrough to this day…

2. The Replacements “Can’t Hardly Wait”

As a band, we invested a lit of our precious shared time learning a set of Replacements covers which we got to play on two magical nights at Fest in Florida. Peter’s stag do involved us going to see them in Holland. Essential.

3. Haircut 100 “Love Plus One”

It’s just of those songs isn’t it? Catchy and cheerful and it just can’t fail to produce a smile. One of our tour anthems.

4. Fellow Project “Fun With Hatchets”

Interesting song structures, engaging musicianship and four of the nicest people you could ever meet. I only bought one tee shirt at Fest and it was theirs.

5. Iron Chic “Every Town Has An Elm Street”

Let’s not forget the obvious…the songs we sing our hearts out to and our friends that we cherish. Our kinship with these Long Island sweethearts runs deep, and the loss of our brother Robert ‘Wild Dad’ McAllister hit us hard. We remember the good times past and embrace the present with a smile and a beer.

6. Big Country “In A Big Country”

The soaring majesty of that guitar sound. Whoooooosh.

7. Strike Anywhere “Sunset On 32nd”

Inspirational musically, politically and personally.

8. The Cure “A Forest”

This is my favourite Cure song – just. As a boy I used to sneak into the pub where I lived and occasionally you’d see Robert in with Mary, or Simon Gallup. Seeing them still playing and with such a huge back catalogue of classics is magical.

9. The Smith Street Band “I Want Friends”

The lyrics are totally bang on the money and this song reminds me of the time we both travelled down the East Coast of America playing to sparse crowds just loving the adventure.

10. Leatherface “Not Superstitious”


1 Comment on Playlist: Bear Trade – Lloyd Chambers’ favourite tracks

  1. Some top tunes – stush.


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