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Playlist: Codices – tracks that influenced Illuminations

Off the back of their excellent debut EP Illuminations post rock act Codices curated a playlist of tracks that influenced the EP. Treat your ears to this veritable feast…

ASIWYFA – A little bit of Solidarity goes a Long Way (Alex)

I love how the distinct halves of this song are built around the same little guitar part. It’s a perfect example of how contrasting songs and sounds – in this case jagged and lively vs. sweeping and majestic – can be produced by approaching the same idea in different ways. Throw in a 5/4 time signature and some clapping-and-shouting studio noise and I’m sold.

This Will Destroy You – Threads (Alex)

This is one of my favourite songs from one of my all-time favourite albums. There is so much emotion in the crescendo of this song, it made me realise it was possible to portray feeling and say so much through instrumental music. This Will Destroy You’s self-titled was THE album that got me into post-rock, and Threads is one of the reasons why.

Oceansize – Charm Offensive (Sam)

This is the first track that got me hooked on post-rock: the slow build up and the supple guitar tones, the way the vocals sit in the mix as another instrument, and the huge outro with layered guitars still makes me shudder. Oceansize always create the perfect balance.

Reuben –No-one Wins the War (Sam)

Before my understanding of “odd” time signatures, this track changed the way I listened to music. Raw emotion displayed in both the lyrics and the dissonant guitar work made me realise songs can be both coarse and beautifully crafted, with seamless changes in tone this song has everything you need in under 4 minutes.

Brontide – Bare My Bones (Asher)

The Artery album has such a wonderful flow and Bare My Bones in particular is the perfect combination of seamless progression, sublime production and absolutely massive riffs. It’s a fantastic combination of interesting but accessible instrumental music and most of all is just ridiculously good fun.

Té – “Convulsive” beauty in the sound is wild shudder that goes beyond idea and comes to the body (Asher)

Té for me are the very best of all the amazing Japanese math/post-rock bands (and there are a lot of good ones!) They have this frantic urgency showcased here thats simply mesmerising. This band changed my entire perspective of what was possible to achieve with music and this track is a great example of their experimentation and technical prowess.

Pink Floyd – Keep Talking (Michal)

Pink Floyd is a band that had a big impact on me because of their unique way to create engaging compositions together with strong lyrics. They take the listener to otherworldly place with music full of textures and great feeling. Keep Talking is a slow, hypnotic and atmospheric piece which carries a message about our isolation as human beings and people’s inability to communicate and understand each other.

Gojira – Flying Whales (Michal)

I was instantly mesmerised with Gojira and they have become one of my favourite metal bands ever. Their music is full of contrasts, minimalist and technical, with lots of space and dark melancholic melodies, varied tempos, massive grooves and ambitious lyrics. Flying Whales starts with very subtle and delicate melody interlaced with sounds of whales which is a prelude to hypnotic grooves alternated with melodic climaxes and crushing riffs that leave us unconscious cast away on the ocean shore.

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