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EP Review: Exhibition by Donnie Willow

Scottish alt rock act Donnie Willow release their new EP, Exhibition, on 9th June via Sunbird Records. Last year’s Inhale, Exhale was the first marker of a band that clearly had the chops to compete with the best of their contemporaries, and the new record marks another bar raised for the trio.

Beefier, bolder and even more experimental, Exhibition sees the band taking a more ambitious approach. It’s quite different to what you’d expect, from opener ‘Stuck’ it’s obvious that Donnie Willow are out to ramp up the riffs and take no prisoners. The churning riffs assault the senses and come together in an infectious and tantalising mix.

‘Blessed Company’ takes a subtler approach – shunning the big riffs for a more expansive and gradual sound. Majestic and mature sounding. ‘Toys’ lays the heavy riffs in abundance sounding like a modern take of the template laid down by Glassjaw. It’s closing track ‘I Still Remember’ that leaves the biggest impression. The measured style of ‘Blessed Company’ is teamed with some blistering riffs and big atmospherics to make one of 2017s most immediate and enthralling alt rock tracks.

Things look very promising for Donnie Willow.

AD Rating 8/10

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