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Album Review: Broadcasting To The Nations by Authority Zero

Melodic Punk band Authority Zero release their sixth album, Broadcasting To The Nations, on 2nd June via Bird Attack Records. With 23 experience behind them, Authority Zero have honed their sound and produced a strong punk album worthy of your attention.

Eager to move forward, the inspired new line-up, consisting of singer Jason DeVore, bassist Mike Spero, guitarist Dan Aid and drummer Chris Dalley (also in Pulley and Implants), started working on a batch of songs that will become the band’s sixth full-length record. “We’d gone through a couple members during the writing process the last few years, so we’ve kind of written this record twice. We had about 12 or 13 songs put together, a couple of the guys took off and we kind of had to start from scratch with what we did have from songs I had or Mike [Spero, bassist] had written, and build off of that,” says DeVore. They did their homework before rushing in to record the new tunes. “We really did honestly have more pre-production and a grasp on what the songs were going to sound like before we went in [to the studio] in a long time. This time things were really well put together.” says DeVore.

With nearly a month living in the studio whilst recording, Broadcasting To The Nations wasn’t a labour of a love but a band reinvigorated and chomping at the bit to make the album of their lives. DeVore fondly reminisced on the process: “It became like the bat-cave ‘cause you didn’t really know what day it was, or what time it was or anything ‘cause you’d go out in the morning first thing and the next time you went out it was dark again. It was cool in that regard but it also messed with your head a lot. It was a brilliant process; we had such a good time out there”.

While Broadcasting To The Nations isn’t ground breaking it can act as a masterclass on melodic punk. Authority Zero shun the current punk trends, you won’t find any modern pop punk, emo punk or indie punk here. Think back to the 90s when The Offspring released SMASH and when NOFX and Pennywise were at their prime and you have the essence of Broadcasting To The Nations down to a tee.

Authority Zero have taken a step back in time to take a step forward. The sound is, somewhat ironically, closer to their 2002 debut A Passage In Time than anything else they’ve done. It works well, taking it back to basics and what they know best lets them flourish and produce their best album to date. Standout tracks: ‘Reconciliations’, ‘Broadcasting To The Nations’, ‘Bayside’ and ‘One Way Track Kid’.

AD Rating 7/10

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