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Album Review: Bear Your Mind by Free Throw

Nashville’s Free Throw release their sophomore album, Bear Your Mind, on 26th May via Triple Crown Records. Produced by Brett Romnes (The Early November, I Am The Avalanche) and mixed by Vince Ratti (Braid, Tigers Jaw, mewithoutYou), Bear Your Mind is a marked improvement with a new maturity and confidence to both the sound and lyrical content.

Free Throw have been able to harness and cultivate the band’s early grit and ideology, where huge sing-along choruses intersect with raw energy and dynamic song structures across the board; elements that put Free Throw’s live shows over the top – having the crowd’s quiet undivided attention at one moment, and climbing over each other while singing at the top of their lungs at the next.

You’ll find Bear Your Mind to be an enthralling listen, treading the line between the quiet expansive post-hardcore of Brand New and the beguiling and life affirming sound of the current emo acts like Sorority Noise and You Blew It!.

11 tracks of big cathartic post-hardcore and not a single ounce of filler. It’s an album that revels in the growth and confidence of the band, taking an introspective and relatable tone you can’t help but feel some affinity for the band’s take on modern life.

This is the time for Free Throw to excel and the strength of Bear Your Mind is testament to how strong the emo / post-hardcore scene is at the moment. While the band’s sound isn’t anything new they manage to execute rousing emo with aplomb. Whether it be the downbeat and deeply affecting lament of closing track ‘Victory Road’ or the ballsy and sing-along nature of ‘Weak Tables’ Free Throw have come up trumps, producing an album that pushes them onto the next level.

Quiet opener ‘Open Window’ takes some tentative steps into the new more mature sound, letting the emotive lyrics do the work, but it’s not until ‘Rinse, Repeat’ and ‘Randy, I Am The Liqour’ that you release that you’re listening to something special – the birth of a band on a new trajectory, right to the top of the emo revival scene.

It’d be a fruitless task to speak about how good every track on Bear Your Head but it must be noted that the quiet / loud moments complement each other perfectly. Predominantly quiet tracks like ‘Hop Spot’ hold just as much power and emotion as the defiant gritty numbers like ‘Andy And I, Uh…’ and ‘Cal Ripken Jr Johnson’.

Get Bear Your Mind listened to as soon as possible, Free Throw might just become your new favourite band.

AD Rating 8/10

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