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Album Review: spin by Tigers Jaw

Pennsylvanian emo rock act Tigers Jaw released their fifth album, spin, on 19th May. It’s the first Tigers Jaw album on a major label, producer Will Yip’s new Atlantic imprint Black Cement. It’s a mark of how much momentum the emo revival scene has gained, but also the accessibility of Tigers Jaw.

Remember, Tigers Jaw had a monumental shift in 2013, 60% of the band left leaving Ben Walsh (vocals, guitar) and Brianna Collins (vocals, keyboards) to forge on. It heralded a new era of Tigers Jaw and 2014s Charmer saw a move away from the pop punk spike of their early work towards a more jangly indie rock sound. With spin that shift is expanded upon with the band venturing further into indie pop territory.

It’s a bit of strange album, spin has the hallmarks of the natural evolution of a band and while it’s a likeable and enjoyable album you’re left feeling a little numb. The band may be rooted in pop punk and emo, but the evolution of the band has resulted in the band losing much of what made them interesting. Gone is the pop punk energy and the emo relatability, replaced with a largely passive and unadventurous indie pop.

‘June’ is the only song on the album that really gets going and leaves an impression. It’s the big hitter and as a standalone track you’d think Tigers Jaw had it top form, unfortunately the rest of the album doesn’t come close. Apart from ‘Make It Up’ the album is front loaded with the second half being unremarkable at best. ‘Make It Up’ is bookended by the dull ‘Same Stone’ and disappointing closer ‘Window’, it comes close to being an excellent track but falls short with its lack of punch and desire.

That’s indicative of spin as a whole. You want to enjoy it, it threatens to be great but seemingly decides to give up just short of the line. Tracks like ‘Brass Ring’, ‘Bullet’ and ‘Guardian’ are all guilty. It’s an album you could stick on in the background and it’d stay there unable to affect you. Pleasant and relatively enjoyable but ultimately disappointing.

AD Rating 5.75/10

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