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Album Review: Witch Hunt by Hornets

Belfast hardcore punks Hornets release their debut album, Witch Hunt, on 19th April via Solid Choice Industries. Within their home music scene Hornets stand out for creating a brutal and uncompromising sound, a feat unmatched by any of their peers. Witch Hunt is the distillation of three years graft and dedication to their sound.

When Hornets first appeared, there was a raw and unfiltered appeal to their music albeit slightly messy and chaotic. Line-up changes, an expanding line-up and hard work have resulted in an album that retains the raw and unfiltered appeal with added structure and compactness.

The attention to the work is viscerally displayed through the art created by vocalist Rich Stuart, who after months of preparatory sketches, filling multiple sketch books, set about hand drawing and inking the visual representation of the album.

Throat ruining in vocal style and uncompromising musically you’ll find Witch Hunt to be more than just your average hardcore album. The delivery is a touch more visceral, straight from the heart, acting as a huge fuck you to everyone (but the bands) expectations. It feels like an album committed to record with minimal fuss, it has the power and ferocity of a band recording on one take. The sound is direct – the devastatingly heavy riffs aren’t layered, simply one guitar providing the grit while the rhythm section drives the album through a pummelling 34-minute riot.

As with the vast majority of hardcore music, Hornets aren’t a casual listen. Ween yourself into Witch Hunt and you’ll be rewarded by one of 2017s finest heavy records. The flow of the album stands out and as such we’d advise you listen to it in one sitting rather than dipping in and out. ‘Sink Swim’ and ‘Hikikomori’ are your big hitters simply due to having a catchiness that’s not seen in another track.

Hornets are about the riffs and packing a serious and devastating punch. Witch Hunt does that with aplomb.

AD Rating 7/10





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