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Playlist: The Family and their influences

With their new EP Welcome To The Family due for release on the 19th May, we asked The Family to curate a playlist that would give us a bit of insight into the band.

Over to the band…


We’ve been around the band a picked a couple of tracks each for you below, hopefully this will give you some idea about where we come from musically, both as The Family, and individually. We’ve spent our lives listening to some of these tunes before The Family was ever even a concept, and some of them are more recent influences that have had a direct effect on us as a band. Welcome to The Family!

  1. The Melvins / Let It All Be

We love the fact that they use two different drummers at the same time on this track, it gives a real drive to what is already such a pumping track that not many bands could pull off.

  1. Mastodon / Mother Puncher

We all grew up on heavy metal and we all love the heavy shit, and mastodon are just the one.

  1. Alice in Chains / We Die Young

We’ve chosen this track pure and simply because it is an absolute of a powerhouse tune, hopefully some of The Family’s tracks will have as much impact this.

  1. Korn / Got The Life

Korn were a massive influence on our younger selves and was a staple in our musical diet. There is a deep meaning behind the lyrics too which really speaks to us.

  1. Nirvana / Scentless Apprentice

Nirvana have always been one of the biggest influences on us, growing up, in life and also in what we want to do in our own music. Scentless Apprentice sums all of that up in one track.

  1. Mars Red Sky / Sadaba

Even being void of vocals this track is still a complete experience, an amazing B-side from an amazingly talented band.

  1. Eagles of Death Metal / I Only Want You

We love this track, not just for the need to shake your arse when hearing it but it’s great lyrically too.

  1. Metz / Wait in Line

Metz are a big influence to The Family, when we first started writing their energetic riffs and ‘wall of sound’ sonic was something we wanted to capture within our own songs.

If you enjoyed this playlist we hope you’ll enjoy our music too. Our debut EP is out May 19th and we’re lucky enough to have some amazing live dates in diary, including While She Sleeps in June. Hopefully we’ll see you somewhere soon…




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