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EP Review: Welcome To The Family by The Family

Sheffield rock act The Family release their debut EP, Welcome To The Family, on 19th February. Formed from the ashes of disbanded hardcore act Dead Harts, you’ll find the EP to be an infectious, raw heavy grunge record. Taking inspiration from The Metz and Nirvana, The Family blend the downright heavy, with all the hooks in the tackle box; hitting you with a barrage of dirty, fuzzed out riffs, explosive, driving rhythms and savagely catchy vocals.

Opener ‘Aint Gonna Happen Like That’ has some decidedly Nirvana-esque riffs at the forefront. Blend that with the snarling vocal of Mathew Baxendale and you’re onto a winner. There’s a raw and brashness to the sound that lends it an endearing quality. It’s from ‘My Kinda Scum’ onwards that you get a good feel for The Family and their grungey sound. The track takes a dirtier, more abrasive approach giving it a genuine rock swagger that you’ll find it hard not to fall in love with.

‘Nightmares and Daydreams’ keeps things on the abrasive grunge route. Fuzzed up and aggressive, the track sporadically explodes in glorious and commanding riffs. It’s hard not to be reminded of the glory days of grunge, but who cares when it’s executed with such aplomb. Lead single and album closer ‘Radio Headphones’ showcases The Family at their best. Aggressive, heavy and full of hooks the grunge aficionados couldn’t ask for more.

A formidable introduction to The Family.

AD Rating 7/10

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