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Album Review: Pink by Rad Pitt

Colchester’s raucous alt rock act Rad Pitt release their second album, Pink, on 12th May. Chaotic, yet measured aggressive hard rock is the order of the day and it’s nigh on impossible not to enjoy. Although they’re made-up of various members from such bands as Jornetta Stream, Gulls and Origami Noise, Rad Pitt sound more than just your average side project. Clocking in at just under 20 minutes you’ll find it to be a snappy, infectious punch to the face that you’ll hanker to have on heavy rotation.

Take it all with a pinch of salt. Seriousness isn’t high on the agenda here – take a look at song titles such as ‘Hi God, You Suck’, ‘What Is The Point of Piers Morgan’ and ‘Hick Mucknall’. According to the band’s bandcamp page they’re a band that “love salt beef bagels with mustard. We appreciate David Lynch and his exceptionally barmy approach to filmage. Mostly we like big riffs and truly despise Piers Morgan.”

One thing that is serious is how hard Rad Pitt rock and how much you’ll fall in love with Pink. The churning riffs, aggressive vocals and penchant for a big hook come together to form one heaving mass of immediate and succulent hard rock.

While you’ll be hard pushed to find a weak track revel in the riffs of ‘Hi God, You Suck’ and the blistering expansive and weird hard rock of ‘Shall I? Shanty’. The latter is especially good and reminiscent of Blacklisters at the finest. ‘Return Of The Wet Bandits’ excels in it ferociousness and breakdowns, but to single these tracks out is doing the album a disservice. Listen to it as a whole, (it ain’t going to take much time out of your day) and enjoy it for the frantic and devilish brutal album it is.

Normally we’d bemoan an album of this length but it suits the band perfectly – it creates the perfect instant shock to the system and doesn’t outstay it’s welcome. Get in on the Rad Pitt action now.

AD Rating 7.5/10

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