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Album Review: Outsiders by Gnarwolves

UK Melodic Punks Gnarwolves released their second album, Outsiders, on 5th May via Big Scary Monsters. Big favourites in the UK punk scene on the back of their early EPs (compiled into Chronicals of Gnarnia), their 2014 self-titled debut and last year’s Adolescence EP, big things were expected from Outsiders.

Unfortunately, for the most part Outsiders is a disappointment. It has the feel of a difficult second album, where expectations have weighed heavily on the band and the result is a forced and timid affair. The attraction to Gnarwolves was based on their raw, raucous approach – it was often chaotic and frantic all held together with some overwhelmingly infectious hooks.

With that gone, you’re left with a band that seamlessly blend with the already bloated raft of UK indie punk bands. Gnarwolves have gone from a band you could get excited about, get drunk and party to, to a band that it’s hard to muster more than a ‘meh’ about. While there’s still a punk sound at the heart of Gnarwolves, all the life has been sucked from it.

It might sound harsh, but Outsiders is such a massive drop off from their debut it’s hard to believe that this is the same band and not some second-rate newcomers. It such a dull album that it has taken us a week and several listens to try and form an opinion other than disappointment.

Within those repeated listens we wanted to find some positives and hoped to discover that Outsiders was a grower and we’d fall in lover. It didn’t happen. It’s an album that just never gets going and has little to no impact. The best track, ‘Argument’ plays like a homage to Weezer at their blandest, while ‘Paint Me A Martyr’ and ‘The Comedown Song’ hint at the Gnarwolves of old but fall short.

Prepare yourself for disappointment.

AD Rating 5.5/10

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