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News: We Came From Wolves release new single

We Came From Wolves‘ latest single The Peak Beneath The Sea is a bold, emotive alt rock track that sees the Scottish four-piece bare their heart on their sleeves.

The band’s previous single, Places Unfamiliar, addressed mental health issues such as depression and anxiety, which some of the band have experienced. However, The Peak Beneath The Sea turns a corner as the band look towards the future, finding a away to live with these issues. Frontman Kyle Burgess explains, “The Peak Beneath the Sea is about trying to overcome these issues, and in particular, finding that place or those people who can help you do that, whether physical or metaphysical, whilst also accepting the painful truth that it may never be possible to fully escape the darkness but instead work on growing stronger to keep it at bay.”

We Came From Wolves have amassed a strong live following, working hard to build their fan base from the ground up, playing shows up and down the country. Places Unfamiliar hit new heights for the band, playlisted on the official Spotify Rock Charts in the UK, Germany and France. In April and May, the band embark on a Scottish tour to promote the single, with shows planned at various festivals over the summer and another UK and European tour in October as they bring their raw energy, passion and heart-on-sleeve rock to audiences old and new.

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