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EP Review: Are You Sure? by Peaness

Three piece indie-pop band Peaness release their new EP, Are You Sure?, on 5th May via Alcopop! Formed in Chester in late 2014, the band’s debut EP No Fun was self-released in 2015 and was, ironically, loads of bloody fun, packed with feel-good, sunshine indie-pop the likes of which it was impossible for Alcopop to ignore. The resulting furore saw the trio gigging extensively up and down the country alongside the likes of PAWS, The Spook School, Mammoth Penguins, Chorusgirl, Sauna Youth, Vangoffey, Yak, Goat Girl and The Lovely Eggs. Records.

Are You Sure? sees Peaness delivering up 5 delectable slices of sugar coated indie-pop. Infectious and full of immediate harmonies, you’ll find the EP to be smile inducing. Erring on the whimsical side the EP takes everyday life and packages in a bundle of lo-fi pop. “A lot of songs come from the conversations we have” say the band of their influences on the record “‘Ugly Veg’ came from a documentary we watched about food waste. We got quite wound up by it and we wrote a song about it. There’s a lot about relationships and escapism too. ‘Same Place’ is just about being in the same place for a long time, Chester for us – just getting by, working, wondering ‘is this going to be for ever?’ and kind of accepting that it might be.”

‘Seafoam Islands’ is the standout track with its catchy riff and hooks while ‘Same Place’ adds a touch of raucous indie to get the pulse racing. Although it’s an enjoyable EP it doesn’t have that much lasting power, it isn’t strong enough to have on repeat and probably won’t keep your attention for the full 20 mins. One off casual listening and it’s a winner.

AD Rating 6/10

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