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Playlist: Dizzy Bats – Songs and Videos that Influenced the Song/Video ‘Until We Die’

On the back of the release of Dizzy Bats’ release of their new video for ‘Until We Die’ (watch it below), Connor Frost (Dizzy Bats vocalist/guitarist) and Michael Chiu (video director/producer) curated a playlist based the influences behind the song/video.

–Connor’s Picks–

Using – Sorority Noise

I honestly probably could have picked any one of this band’s songs. Honest lyrics on top of catchy melodies and overdrive guitars make my favorite kind of rock song.


Sparks – Mugen

I had the great honor of speaking with Liam, *aka ‘Mugen’* (alright, he’s my brother), and we talked at length about the importance of vocal hooks and a catchy chorus that people can sing along to. Throughout the songwriting process of “Until We Die”, that conversation was no doubt on the forefront of mind. This video is poppy and colorful, which also brought about some inspiration during the production of the UWD video.


Do You Wanna Hurt Me – MORI

I love this band, I love this song, and I love this video. As soon as this video was released, I immediately sent it to Michael and referenced the solid performance aspect as well as the lighting.


Stupid Kid – Alkaline Trio

I don’t know that this song directly influenced this song or video, I’m just completely obsessed with this band and song, and I was listening to them A LOT around the time I wrote UWD.


–Michael’s Picks–

El Scorcho – Weezer

When Connor mentioned he wanted to create a music video showing performance, I started to think, “How can we showcase the band rocking out while telling a story as well?” Then I saw El Scorcho. I really liked how Weezer weaved a narrative through simple movement like “standing up” as well as playful lighting. As you can see, several of these elements inspired similar acting in our own video.



Mr. Brightside – The Killers

This video tells its story largely through the band’s glances at a fantastically dressed audience. While the UWD video lacks anyone so eccentric, Mr. Brightside’s visual cues gave me a few ideas about what you could do with just simple eye movement.


Ho Hey – Lumineers

This video balances dimly lit sections with brightly golden accents. There are hanging light fixtures as well as heavy back illumination at times. These techniques create a warm mood even when there is a lot of darkness in the frame. And these are things that influenced us when we designed the stage lighting during the final part of the UWD music video.


Let’s Work It Out   – Dawen Ft. Kimberley Chen

Finally… after watching the first cut of the music video, we all agreed it lacked something. There were band members throwing paper airplanes at each other, spinning drumsticks, and slowly transitioning from a tired state to an interested one. But even though we had included a majority of the shots we had planned for, the video wasn’t clicking.

Then I saw this video by Dawen and noticed how so much emotion could be revealed when performers merely react and glance at each. This concept seems almost too simple, but when you are deep within the production process, it is easy to forget fundamentals. With this idea at the front of my mind, I re-edited the video to a state we are all proud of.



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