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Playlist: Schuylar from He Is Legend, Thriller theme

With He Is Legend’s new album few being release on the 28th April, we caught up with lead singer Schuylar Croom who curated a playlist based on songs most likely to show up in Thriller:


1) At The Stake – The Melvins

The air on this guitar solo sends chills down my spine. I grew up on the Melvins and this has to be one of my favourite guitar solos ever.


2) My Heart Is Not at Peace – Mount Eerie

I once watched a thunderstorm roll over Brooklyn in a high-rise apartment to this album, lightning striking buildings around me… terrifying scene. I thought the world was ending.


3) Casino Lisboa – Dirty Beaches

Wait for Alex Zhang Hungtai to Holler. This sounds so vibey and creepy like a dark underground tunnel city with neon lights at the end. My favourite kind of noise.


4) Garbageman – The Cramps

I imagine this song fuelling a Tarantino style murder scene. the Cramps make bad music sound so good.


5) No Love Lost – Joy Division

Should have been the song that played at the end of Return of the Living Dead… Crash and Suicide as zombies making out.


6) I’m Not Done – Fever Ray

This song offers hope but I think it would be a nice juxtaposition in a hopeless scene. This song plays in a sombre white bathroom, no blood, overdose in the bathtub. Poor, unfortunate soul….


7) Aisatsana [102] – Aphex Twin

Haunting Piano with so much silence. It could deafen. This would play after the big reveal… whatever that may be.


8) Playa Hataz -Three 6 Mafia

Very eerie beat. Gets me every time. I would put this in a Friday the 13th reboot the first time you see Jason again.


9) Something in the Way – Nirvana

think of the scene where the killer is on his way to kill the last protagonist, pretending to want to better himself, change perhaps…knowing there’s no way to stop. This song plays low on the radio while he drives. He circles the block in hesitation, but ultimately follows thru. Lift the volume as he gets out of the van and pulls down his mask.


10) God Only Knows – The Beach Boys

“I may not always love you…” Just listen to the lyrics. The Maniac won’t let her die, won’t let her leave. Loves her, hates her… if he can’t have her no one will… this is my “goodbye Horses” by Q Lazarus…Hope you catch the reference.


Thanks this has been fun



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