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Album Review: The Day We Met by The Other Stars

The Other Stars release their new album, The Day We Met, on 28th April via Take This To Heart Records. It’ll probably also be the band’s swansong as they’ve recently gone on hiatus, with singer/guitarist Connor Bird starting his own non-profit to make sure people can be more aware and not be scared to take action about their own health.

The fact that The Other Stars have (indefinitely) ended things before they really release the album should give you some indication on the emotion and personal torture that is laid bare on The Day We Met. From the band’s statement on the hiatus, it centred around mental health and the band no longer being fun – with that in mind you’re tempted to go into the album with trepidation.

Will it be a difficult, fraught album with lots of tension? Or will it be a release of emotion, an outpouring of everything that perhaps was just too personal?

It doesn’t necessarily have to be either, but it certainly falls closer to the latter. Each track is wrought with emotion and the sentiment is laid on super thick. The words that begin the album in the aptly named song ‘Everyone I Know’ are “I watched you walk away”, possibly eerily signifying what was/is to come.

The sentiment is carried throughout the album and is the focus point of The Other Stars. While the pain and emotion is starkly obvious in both the lyrics and Connor Bird’s vocal there’s a little bit of disconnect. Where other acts speak of similar mental health issues and self-doubt you can relate and become emotionally invested in the content it just doesn’t happen here. ‘Flood’ is the only track of the eight that carries the required weight for you to get invested in. Easily the standout track of the album it’s a must listen.

Take the lyrical content out of the question and you’ll find a pretty formidable emo-revival album. Think Modern Baseball and Piebald and you’ll be on the right track. It’s strong and enjoyable without being anything particularly special. Quiet tracks like title track ‘The Day We Met’ and closer ‘Wasted’ are decent yet seemingly get lost amongst the more immediate and commanding raucous tracks like ‘Castle Hill’ and ‘Future Distant History’.

An enjoyable but ultimately middle of the road emo album.

AD Rating 5.75/10

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