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Album Review: In Case You Missed It by Daisyhead

Daisyhead release their second album, In Case You Missed It, on 28th April via No Sleep Records. It’s an album born of a difficult period for the band, amid member changes and a near break up, the entire process of the album gave the band new life, and the emotional roller coaster it became is shown within each song.

As such big emotive alt rock is the order of the day. It’s more than just your regular emo or post-hardcore album, from the opening chords of ‘Hold The Door’ through to the gentle tones of closer ‘Opryland Lights’ it obvious that Daisyhead are cut from the scenes finest cloth.

The soaring choruses and massive hooks are Daisyhead’s selling point – they’ve got the blend of crunchy guitars, gritty emo lyrics and a pop sensibility down to a tee. It’s an album that’s easy to get on board with and enjoy, take it at face value – it’s not going to be a game changer, the post-hardcore/emo template is stuck to pretty rigidly – a simply enjoyable and catchy alt rock record.

When Daisyhead lay on the guitars and serve up the big hooks they’re hard to beat. Tracks like ‘Bodies’ and ‘TV Song’ are absolute belters. The latter has hallmarks of an early Brand New turned up a notch. However, there are moments when it all gets a little too emo, ‘Ready For The World’ lays it on a little thick. The quieter acoustic approach doesn’t do the track any favours, a cynic could say it was an unashamed attempt to appeal to the female teenage market. While it isn’t a bad track it just doesn’t work as well as the rest of the album.

While ‘Never Know’ treads a line very close to all out self-indulgent emo, it’s just about saved by some excellent guitar work. Two blips on an otherwise strong album is still impressive, they certainly didn’t hamper our overall enjoyment of In Case You Missed It. Strong tracks like ‘Common Ground’ and ‘Don’t Fell Bad’ get you back on board and impress.

In Case You Missed It has the feel of a troubled album, it’s good but you can’t get away from the thought that perhaps Daisyhead could have done a little better.

AD Rating 6.5/10


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