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Album Review: few by He Is Legend

He Is Legend release their fifth album, few, on 28th April via Spinefarm Records. With title taking a nod to Madame Helena Blavatsky’s occult treasure The Voice of the Silence, vocalist Schulyar Croom says, “This is dedicated to the people who supported us through everything, I was inspired by the words of Helena Blavatsky. She’s basically the godmother of the occult, and she dedicated one of her books to the few. Basically, that means the few that follow the way. I thought it was very fitting for what we do. It took just a few artists and a few thousand of our fans to come through and say, ‘Fuck yeah, we want you to do another record.’ We left it up to them.”

With few, you get the feeling you’re experiencing a new, invigorated version of He Is Legend. This is largely due to their crowdfunding of the album, “We started a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo,” Croom states. “If we met the goal, we’d do it. If not, we wouldn’t. It was all or nothing. The response was pretty overwhelming. We found new life, energy, and creativity in this as a result.”

It also feels like the easiest and most immediate He Is Legend album. A good honest hard rock album with no pretensions, you feel that this is the band inspired by their fans and making a record for them. That’s not to say it’s a re-hash of previous efforts, it instantly more appealing and easier on the ear, the band have grown with the sound and created an album that will thrill old fans and attract a whole new batch.

That genuine hard rock feel is born in opening track ‘Air Raid’, a hard hitting yet refined and measure slice of rock. “‘Air Raid’ hits you like the fucking end of the world,” exclaims Croom. “It’s pretty self-explanatory as far as the lyrics go. It’s about how the earth wants humans to be gone. We’re a fucking cancer. It could shake us off like a dog shakes off flees. It’s as political as I’ve ever gotten.”

‘Alley Cat’ and ‘Jordan’ take He Is Legend right to the heaviest end of hard rock, with the latter being an especially thrilling and crushing track tempered with a gloriously instantaneous chorus. While there mightn’t be a weak track on few, ‘Gold Dust’ must be singled out to illustrate the progression of He Is Legend, expansive and almost psychedelic it shows the band pushing their boundaries and taking the listener on a thrilling journey.

He Is Legend have come up trumps with few. If you’d dismissed the band before this will get you onboard. Excellent throughout, fresh and full of live – this is the band at their very best.

AD Rating 7.75/10

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