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Album Review: Anti-Melody by American Standards

Arizona based hardcore quintet American Standards release their new album Anti-Melody on 28th April. Blending influences from 90s hardcore punk and 00s metalcore, American Standards deliver up a visceral and often chaotic blend of metal.

With 8 tracks coming in just shy of 25 minutes, the band seem to have honed and realised the limitations of their sound. That might sound a little harsh, but it’s so brutal and pummelling that it’s best executed in short bursts. Put a track much over 3 minutes and it becomes unlistenable.

It’s a deeply personal album too, as vocalist Brandon Kellum explains, “what started as social commentary on the growing divide in our society became very personal when our founding guitarist (Cody Conrad) passed of suicide and then soon after, my father of cancer. We went back in to re-write much of the album and in a lot of ways used it as therapy to deal with the experiences. Although very personal, at its core Anti-Melody is centred around the universal theme of separation on many levels.”

As each tracks explodes and assault your ears you’ve got to give American Standards credit for creating such a brutal and uncompromising sound. More than just your regular hardcore sound, it’s as if they’ve found a way of making it heavier and more extreme. Shorter tracks like ‘Church Burner’ and ‘Broken Culture’ are the standout tracks simply because they’re easier to cope with and therefore appreciate. ‘Cancer Eater’ tackles death and is so deeply personal it becomes the stand out track. ‘Bartenders Without Wings’ outstays its welcome by a minute and album closer ‘Chicago Overcoat’ is a good two and half minutes too long. Take it as a standalone track and it’s excellent, however after 18 odd minutes of relentless hardcore a 6-minute track is too much.

Prepare yourself for brutality. Anti-Melody is far from an easy listen, but it’s a decent hardcore record. If you need a release of aggression, this is for you.

AD Rating 5/10



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